Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fruity Delights

Yesterday I went to a 'pick your own' farm and had such a fab time. For those who live within the M25, you must go visit Garsons ( - its such a lovely day out. My friends said it was like a 'farm safari' which I guess it is. You drive round in your car and stop at various points when you spot a fruit or vegetable that you want to pick. Its so much fun digging up your own carrots or picking your own sweetcorn in the massive corn crops. And there's a wonderful garden shop, cafeteria and farm shop - its so easy to get carried away and spend the whole day there (like I did!).

Anyway, I came home with loads of strawberries, blackberries, plums and raspberries (oh and some yummy chicken from the farm shop for tea!).

And what was I planning to do with all this fruit? Here's a clue...

Yep - I've a lovely Sunday afternoon making jam!
Raspberries bubbling away in the pan

Here's the finished result - raspberry jam. And yes, it tastes just as lovely as it looks! It was surprisingly easy to make and I think I may need to make a few more to give away as presents.

I've also made strawberry jam and the plum and blackberry jam will have to wait til this evening as I really should be starting on dinner. 

Before I zoom off, I just wanted to add that my lovely other half bought me a present yesterday which I absolutely adore! I think it'll brighten up my desk at work so I'll be taking it into the office with me tomorrow for my endless cups of tea.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! xx

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