Sunday, September 18, 2011

Required: a little encouragement!

I've spent the whole day procrastinating today. I am desperately trying to finish off my granny square blanket but just can't seem to motivate myself to work on it. I have 110 squares in total which means a zillion ends to sew in and thats the bit that I just can't bring myself to do - its just so mind-numbingly boring!

I have started the tedious task and managed about 10 squares. I then decided that maybe if I just start joining the squares together and so it starts to resemble some kind of blanket, that might help motivate me. I figured I could sew the ends in at a later stage when the blanket is finished. My living room floor is covered in granny squares and heres a little peek of my current state of affairs...

I have a long way to go and it doesn't help that I have already started my second blanket - a ripple one - which I love working on. It took me a few attempts before I got the hang of it but now I can't seem to put it down. I often take it to bed with me to do a row or two before I hit the land of nod. And once, I even took it onto the London Underground and did a bit of crocheting in public! (I was feeling brave that day)

Here's my work in progress...

How do you find the motivation to sew in ends and join up granny squares? I think I'm in need of some tips and words of encouragement! Otherwise, as my boyfriend pointed out, I'll just end up with a bag full of pointless squares!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fruity Delights

Yesterday I went to a 'pick your own' farm and had such a fab time. For those who live within the M25, you must go visit Garsons ( - its such a lovely day out. My friends said it was like a 'farm safari' which I guess it is. You drive round in your car and stop at various points when you spot a fruit or vegetable that you want to pick. Its so much fun digging up your own carrots or picking your own sweetcorn in the massive corn crops. And there's a wonderful garden shop, cafeteria and farm shop - its so easy to get carried away and spend the whole day there (like I did!).

Anyway, I came home with loads of strawberries, blackberries, plums and raspberries (oh and some yummy chicken from the farm shop for tea!).

And what was I planning to do with all this fruit? Here's a clue...

Yep - I've a lovely Sunday afternoon making jam!
Raspberries bubbling away in the pan

Here's the finished result - raspberry jam. And yes, it tastes just as lovely as it looks! It was surprisingly easy to make and I think I may need to make a few more to give away as presents.

I've also made strawberry jam and the plum and blackberry jam will have to wait til this evening as I really should be starting on dinner. 

Before I zoom off, I just wanted to add that my lovely other half bought me a present yesterday which I absolutely adore! I think it'll brighten up my desk at work so I'll be taking it into the office with me tomorrow for my endless cups of tea.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! xx