Monday, July 25, 2011

How does your garden grow?

I'm not much of a gardener but I have in recent years, got more and more involved with 'grow your own'. I have a teeny tiny garden but I have still managed to grow runner beans, courgettes, various tomatoes, strawberries, oriental lillies, red and green pepper, chilli peppers, and a variety of herbs! Oh and an assortment of weeds too :)

My courgettes and runner beans are doing really well, to the point where I actually have too many and gave some away to my sisters over the weekend.

My tomatoes are getting bigger but still green and I also have a few small peppers which I am getting excited about too!

But the most favourite thing I have planted so far has to be the oriental lily bulbs. I didn't think they would grow but LOOK!

How beautiful are they? I LOVE them and they smell absolutely devine. And the best thing? They'll re-flower every year so I'll have a lovely supply of oriental lilies every Summer. Yay!


  1. but this time next year you won't be in your little flat! did you put them in pots?

  2. Of course they're in pots - I'm taking them all with me!