Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hooky Sunday

How are you all today? I know I have been a bit slack at posts but I have been busy with lots of knitting and hooky in the background! I'm having a very lazy Sunday today and am thoroughly loving it. My BF has gone off to do boy things (go-karting) and I am enjoying having a bit of quality time with my crochet hook and yarn. I thought I'd take this opportunity to take a few pics of what I've been working on.

Crochet coasters...

Granny square blanket coming along nicely. I spend ALL my free time working on this at the moment as I am just desperate to finish it! Approx 75 squares so far...

I recently made this cute little knitted hat and booties set for a friend at work who has just gone on maternity leave. She loved it - I do hope it fits when the little one arrives! Its made with 100% alpaca yarn and is ever so soft (though not very practical being hand wash only!)

And last but not least, I would like to introduce you all to Edward the Monkey. I made him a while ago for my BF and he now sits proudly on our bookcase. Cute, isn't he? I'm also currently knitting a zebra to keep Edward the Monkey company.

What have you been making recently? xx

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The joys of wool

This week I have been soooo self-indulgent! But its made me oh so happy.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of pennies on the softest, loveliest wool and it's just been delivered by the nice postman. I am so excited!

I did ummm and ahhhh about this wool purchase, mainly because I couldn't bring myself to spend so much money on wool. I consulted crafty friends on the purchase and of course, they convinced me that it was money worth spent. I did a bit of research in blogland and realised that others often indulge in luxurious yarn. So after a lot of pondering, a few clicks here and there on the laptop and voila, 50 balls of Rowan Cashsoft Chunky was ordered. I did feel guilty for a little while and even now, I can't believe I was so self-indulgent!

But the wool has arrived and look!

12 lovely soft colours

Beautiful, aren't they? A blend of merino and cashmere. I chose more muted tones as I want this for my bedroom. My plan is to crochet a luxurious blanket for my bed. It will take me ages but the end result will be worth it. I can't wait to get started!

Have a lovely Saturday! xx

Friday, August 05, 2011

Summer colds, flowers and WIPs

I've been feeling run down all week, tired, grumpy, not sleeping and now, guess what? I have a cold. In the middle of Summer!

But I also have the most amazing boyfriend who has put up with me all week and then last night, when my cold turned into a full blown, snotty nose, sore throat, can't breathe kind of cold, he made me dinner AND bought me flowers! Now, my BF is not the romantic type. He doesn't know what romance is. So when said flowers were proudly presented to me, I was so touched at the thoughtfulness of it all that I actually cried! I kid you not.

Would you like to see the flowers? Beautiful roses. Look!

Beautiful, aren't they?

I've also been working on a few bits and pieces this week. My knitted teddy bear is all knitted but I now need to stuff and sew it up. I hate this bit and will probably leave it til the very last minute before I finish it!

Teddy bear waiting to be sewn up

When it's finished, it is supposed to look something like this!

Beautiful Debbie Bliss knitting book

I've also finished ONE sock which I'm knitting for a friend's birthday. I always seem to suffer from 'One Sock Syndrome' - you know, when you manage to knit one sock but never get round to knitting the other one. I have many lonely socks in the bottom of my knitting bag waiting for a partner to join them.

But I am loving this sock. It's made with a beautiful Lana Grossa merino and cashmere mix sock wool and its just lovely. Its the first time I've used this wool (having always used Regia sock wool in the past) but I love this one. It may become my sock wool of choice (although its not very practical being a handwash only wool!)
Lonely sock waiting for it's partner

My crochet blanket is still coming along nicely. I will post a WIP picture of it soon, I just haven't had the chance to get out ALL the granny squares for a photo session. I worked out last night that I will need 100 squares for it to be the 'right' size. I have 60 squares so far - only another 40 to go! Sigh.

And last but not least, look what arrived in the post this morning! I was SO excited.

I can't wait to learn to sew! My little sis has offered to give me a sewing lesson soon. This book is full of beautiful things to sew - I don't know what I want to make first. Will let you know how I get on with my first sewing project!

Have a fabulous weekend! xx